Well… No

I would have loved to have the Athens Metro, so called Attiko Metro in the project as its first line belongs to the worldwide oldest public transportation rail. Now here comes the but…

At each station and on each platform there is a security guy. Either they stood in the image making it impossible to frame a photo, hence the usual look and feel of my photo series wasn’t possible, or either they meant that photography is strictly forbidden; allegedly due to protection from graffiti. That protection yet includes a ban, as security told me.

Even if my camera doesn’t spray paint on walls, of course I do respect Attiko Metro’s rules as well as the need of protection the Greek subway has. On the other hand that means: You are not in the project, Greece. Actually my photo project is European and now it’s got a gap exactly where words at the gates of Akropolis herald: “Here begins Europe!”

What a pity…

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